INTAKT’s lawyers are resolutely modern in their approach to the profession and are convinced that the relationship between lawyer and client is a true partnership.

A team of lawyers dedicated to project support and conflict resolution.

In addition to knowledge of the law, procedures and the reality of business, clients expect their lawyer to be truly supportive, available, responsive and flexible.

With more than 20 years of experience and the Belgian branch of an international law firm having been set up, in 2018 the partners of INTAKT created a multidisciplinary structure which now has a dozen lawyers.

Our team


lawyers who work as a team to look after their clients’ interests by seeking effective and rapid solutions.

lawyers who are committed to the essential values of the profession and to a modern and pragmatic approach to it.

a firm that is open to, aware of and trained in alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation, conciliation and arbitration).

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